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Whether you need a, vinyl, chain link, or wood fence, you can come to us for the highest quality products and workmanship – and we have a fence for every budget!

What types of fences we offer?

We have a fence for every style. The fences you can choose from include:

Board on board

Board on board fences offer privacy as well as durability. If you don’t want prying neighbors peering into your yard, a board on board fence is the way to go. This option is also great for secure dog fences.

 Spaced Board

Spaced board fences include the picket fence as well as semi-privacy fences. They are classic and stylish and are a great decorative feature for many homes.

 Post and Rail

   Post and rail fences, also known as split rail fences, are decorative and natural in appearance, and they’re used to mark property borders. Historically, they’ve been seen on farms but have gained popularity in homes.

Vinyl Fencing

Why choose vinyl fencing?

There are a variety of benefits to vinyl fencing, from its low maintenance properties to its ability to withstand hot and wet weather. Vinyl or PVC fencing has gained popularity for reasons including:

– No need to paint, stain or seal

– Do you want all the benefits of adding a fence to your yard without the hassle of maintaining it? Vinyl fencing is one of the best choices for homeowners with busy lives who simply don’t want to be bothered with painting, staining, and finishing.

– You may need to hose off your vinyl or PVC fence once a year, but otherwise you won’t have to think about it. Therefore, homeowners often choose vinyl fence panels as a substitute for traditional wooden fencing.

– Resistance to weather and damage

– Vinyl fencing holds up against many weather conditions that are a threat to wood. Vinyl fences are not susceptible to moisture damage and will not rot or splinter, and they won’t crack or warp due to changes in temperature and precipitation. Plus, wood–boring insects have no interest in vinyl fencing. That means you don’t have to worry about termites or carpenter bees, which love tunneling in wood fence panels.

Wood Fencing


The material for wood fencing that we use is cedar. Why we consider cedar for the best wood material?

We choose it, because of its various benefits, including its natural oils that give it a greater ability to resist damage than other woods. Therefore, it does not need to be sealed – in fact, sealants can interfere with the natural oils. It won’t warp or shrink, and it’s easy to install. Cedar fences are also less likely to check than most other types of wood.

Chain Link fence


Need a chain link fence?  Chain link fences feature metal posts and interlocking metal wire as well as secure gates. They’re commonly seen in fields, yards, and industrial facilities, and they require little to no maintenance. If your fence gets damaged, repairs are simple. Chain link fences are also easy to remove and switch to a new location.

Why choose chain- link fences?

        – Economical – Perfect for the tighter budgets. More fence per dollar!

        – Practical – Achieves requirements for containment and protection.

        – Versatile – It will adapt to any situation or use.

        – Low maintenance – Simple cleaning with a garden hose is all that is usually needed.

When you call Home Vision, you’ll get a professional consultation from experts who care about your individual project. Our workmanship and attention to detail sets us apart from the crowd. We’ll be right by your side the entire time helping you choose the right backyard fence.

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