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Repairing and maintaining your gutter system is necessary and will extend its life. Having repairs completed in a timely manner will help protect your home or business and prevent further damage. You can contact us to inspect your gutter system or do it yourself! The best time to inspect how your gutter system is working is during a rain storm. Look for a steady flow of water from your downspouts. If nothing is draining, you have blockages or the gutter system is not properly pitched toward the downspout(s). Listed below are common repairs and things to be aware of :


Corners, seams, end caps and outlets should be resealed every 5-10 years. Look for watermarks or damage to wood, landscaping or foundation for signs of leaks.


Flashing should be installed under the roof and down the back of the gutter to prevent water from leaking behind the gutter and pooling at the foundation.


Downspout extensions should extend at least 5′ from your foundation and graded to move water away from the foundation.

If your downspouts are draining into an underground drainage system, be sure there aren’t any blockages causing a back-up.

If you have your downspouts terminated from an underground drainage system, be sure to cement or close off that drain to prevent water or animals from entering.

Holes or Corrosion of Gutters

A patch can be installed over a hole or corroded gutter to prevent leaking and extend its life.

Ice Damming

Over time ice damming puts a burden on your gutter system. It causes gutters to sag and pull away from the fascia which results in the gutters no longer being properly pitched. Have a heating cable installed to prevent this problem and gutters repitched to maintain proper flow of water.